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Electronic boiler controls for hydronic heating systems
Iworx electronic boiler controls

Boiler controls expert McCoy Sales offers a wide range of electronic hydronic system controls to strike the best balance between performance and cost, depending on your needs. The controls can be as simple as managing room temperature via a simple electronic boiler control to as sophisticated as total system communication and complete building automation and integration. Outdoor reset sensors are the key element in our hydronic control systems, maximizing hydronic system efficiency and performance by adjusting the supply water temperature based on outdoor sensor feedback. McCoy Sales offers a broad selection of Taco electronic boiler controls to help you regulate your system temperatures for optimal efficiency and control, including:

  • iWorx System
  • I-Series Valves
  • Zone Valves, Zone Controls & Switching Relays
  • Hydro Air Fan Controls
  • Low Water Cutoffs & Water Feeders

McCoy Sales' electronic boiler controls by Taco are easy to install, easy to use, and offer superb versatility and reliability. With our hydronic boiler controls for both residential and commercial applications, you'll have more dependable control of your hydronic heating system, ensuring ultimate comfort and efficiency.

The iWorx system offers complete building automation. It's a web-accessible, network-based control system which will integrate all your HVAC components into a single, easy-to-use interface. From boilers to zoning controls to third-party energy management devices, iWorx will coordinate your entire heating system. iWorx is ideal for integrating forced air and hydronic systems, as well as geothermal and solar components. iWorx ensures that each different system communicates with the others effectively, and that all systems work together smoothly. iWorx delivers cost-effective control over your energy usage in single or multi-site locations. It offers complete BTU metering, and is a more effective, lower-cost alternative to traditional, custom built BMS or EMS controls.
I-Series Valves:
Taco's I-Series valves from McCoy Sales are a very effective means of controlling system temperatures based on outdoor conditions. These outdoor reset controls are available in 2-way or 3-way valve configurations and sizes from ½ inch to 1 inch. I-Series Valves are an effective alternative to injection pumping. They are also available in set point versions.
Zone Valves, Zone Controls & Switching Relays:
McCoy Sales provides considerable flexibility for single- or multi-zone heating applications. Whether your hydronic heating system uses traditional zone valves or zone circulators, we have the perfect solution. We offer Taco zone valve controls to operate zone valves, and Taco switching relays to control zone circulators. McCoy Sales stocks the Taco Zone Sentry and the Taco M-Valve, available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" sizes, and switching relays and zone valve controls in single-zone up to six-zone configurations. Expandable packages are available. Additional controls can be added to include outdoor reset functionality, injection pumping systems, 2-stage boiler reset and variable speed pump controls.
Hydro Air Fan Control:
Our Hydro Air Fan Controls create an interface in your hydronic heating system between the thermostat and air handler. They offer easy installation and versatile, reliable service. Taco's Hydro Air Fan Controls offered by McCoy Sales deliver easy-to-use zone controls for both residential and commercial hydronic control applications.
Low Water Cutoffs & Water Feeders:
McCoy Sales offers system protection with low water cutoffs and water feeders. These electronic controls provide dependable and accurate boiler protection by monitoring and measuring fluid levels within your hydronic heating system.

With McCoy Sales' electronic boiler controls for your hydronic heating system, you can manage its performance and keep it operating at optimum levels. McCoy Sales will work with you to help select the ideal hydronic controls for your system's specific requirements. Contact us today for further details and assistance in creating the perfect hydronic heating system for your needs.

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